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Sweet Production is a collaborative team made up of our Founding Partners, Bakers, Cake Decorators, Packers, Sales Managers and Customer Service Team, Bookkeepers, IT Tech, Maintainence Staff and Drivers. Each person serves a vital role, and we work together to create the best bakery team in the Bay Area.

The Founding Partners share the duties of managing staff and bakery production, recipe creation, and operations.  Their combination of diverse food industry experience has culminated in a bakery that delivers quality, customer service, and value.  The partners’ mission is to create baked goods of the highest quality. We provide both the classics that satisfy customers’ cravings for traditional baked goods and a menu of new products that will surprise and impress Bay Area customers who seek the extraordinary. We want to make a statement in the food industry that very high quality, scale, and efficiency can come together in one team. In pursuing this goal, we are also working to boost the Bay Area's growing reputation for culinary excellence. We believe that we are helping Chefs around the Bay Area to develop more manageable and satisfying careers by providing them with a reliable source for outstanding bakery products. 

Sweet Production’s Bakers and Cake Decorators work tirelessly to create the prettiest and tastiest baked goods in the Bay Area. Our bakers work every night so that fresh pastries are available to our customers every morning. Sweet Production’s Partners work closely with all our Bakers and Decorators to ensure that they share the same mission as the Partners.

Our Sales and Customer Service Team eagerly and diligently answer phone and email orders.They assist customers in choosing the best products based on each customer's specific interests and needs, and even provide advice on custom orders. Sweet Production's Sales Team responds to every call and message, providing rapid response, order processing, adjustments, and delivery. Dedication to customer service makes working with our Sales Managers a treat.

Our Accountants, Drivers and other Support Staffs are essential to Sweet Production. Our Accountants can answer customers’ questions about billing and pricing so that you understand each transaction, and your account stays in perfect order. Our Drivers safely deliver our baked goods to their final destination, working efficiently, but treating the products with care and consideration for their presentation qualities. In the unlikely event that a product is damaged in transit, they immediately contact the bakery and order a replacement rushed to the customer. They know the ins and outs of the Bay Area and its traffic, so they can deliver our products on time and can even rush an emergency order.

Sweet Production's staff works as a team, and we strive to be accessible, affordable, and accommodating. 

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